Visit Aladdin, Lightning McQueen, Elsa, and more!

Need something to get your little Disney fans excited for family game night? Ravensburger’s new Disney Around the World is the board game for you! Ravensburger is well-known for its Disney offerings, with games like Disney Villainous and a Disney version of its Labyrinth game. Now, Ravensburger is inviting players to hop in a hot air balloon and adventure through their favorite Disney worlds.

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon with Disney Around the World. | Source Ravensburger

Disney Around the World features Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Cars, Frozen, Moana, and Toy Story. Each film gets its own world on the circular game board. Kids can roll a die to see where they’ll move, but they’ll need to watch out for the wind and clouds that make flying more tricky! Once they collect four stamps for their passport, they’ve won the game.

If that’s not enough Disney in your gaming plans, Ravensburger has plenty more where that came from. The company recently launched the new trading card game Disney Lorcana where players wield magic inks to gather a team of favorite Disney characters.

Disney Around the World is available now on Amazon and designed for players ages 4 and up. Kids can collect stamps and revisit the worlds of their favorite films thanks to the adventures found in Ravensburger’s new game!


Ravensburger's new board game has players collect Passport Stamps as they fly a hot air balloon across six different Disney and Pixar worlds. The game comes with 24 Stamp tokens, 15 Sun cards, 4 Balloon movers, 1 Cloud mover, 4 Passport cards, a die, and a rulebook.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $19.99
  • Age:
  • 4+

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