Once upon a time, parents believed they needed all the magic in the world for their kids to fall asleep. With the wave of eKids’ magic wand, the Disney Bluetooth Storyteller with EZ Link Technology will have kids dreaming before they can say, “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” 

With this new toy, kids ages 3 and up can hear classic Disney songs and stories with just a press of a button. This speaker elevates the storytelling experience by telling popular tales about princesses, heroes, friends, and more. This device features up to 20 story playlists, four color-changing light options, and a sleep timer with soothing sounds. 

Kids can listen to up to 20 playlists of Disney bedtime stories. | Source: eKids

The Disney Bluetooth Storyteller buttons control the volume, light setting, sleep timer, and basic media functions like play, pause, forward skip, and reverse skip. The device is decorated with different Disney and Pixar characters like Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Ariel, Belle, Mickey Mouse, and more. The Disney Princess Bluetooth Storyteller’s design features all the princesses from the Disney Princess line.

Parents can have their kids ready for bedtime by following three simple steps. First, they have to connect the storyteller to their phone via Bluetooth. Then, parents select their preferred music streaming service in the free EZ Link Setup app. Lastly, kids listen to their story playlists by pressing the device’s center button. 

The story playlists include many Disney classics as bedtime stories, such as Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, and more. Parents and kids can choose their favorite stories by customizing their playlists on the app and pick which playlist they want to hear by turning the device’s dial. 

The device and its app are compatible with many popular streaming services, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and more. To use their desired service with the storyteller, parents should download the app on their phones beforehand. 

The Disney Bluetooth Speaker offers six different sleep modes that range from 10 minutes to 8 hours before automatic shut-off. However, the magic of storytelling doesn’t have to end when the sun comes up. Kids can use the lightweight, 4.5-inch tall storyteller as a speaker to play their favorite songs all day long wherever they go.

Kids can dream of far-off places and magic spells with the Disney Bluetooth Storyteller. Every day can end with happily ever after when listening to magical stories and whimsical songs.


Connect to your preferred streaming service and store a customizable playlist of popular Disney stories (app required). The color changing night light will illuminate your room while you enjoy bedtime stories inspired by popular Disney characters.

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