Kids can play as the Horned King, Mother Gothel, or Jack Skellington! | Source: The Op

Three new characters await kids in the Chills and Thrills expansion to The Op’s Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Core Set — Jack Skellington, the Horned King, and Mother Gothel!

Each character presents new skills and abilities that kids can use in the game against other players. With the Horned King’s army of Cauldron Born soldiers from The Black Cauldron, players can block their opponents’ paths to Victory Points and deduct health points from them. Jack Skellington, a main character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, can team up with other players’ characters who use beneficial status effects and steal skills from opponents to build up his strength. Mother Gothel, the villainess from Tangled, can push other opponents into making weakening decisions, causing them to lose their own strength.

The expansion set comes with character cards, tokens, and figures! | Source: The Op

Before adding the Thrills and Chills Expansion pack to their gaming collection, kids should first have the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Core Set, priced at $49.99. Kids can also check out the first Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Turning the Tide Expansion set for $24.99, which features Davy Jones, Moana, and Stitch character cards.

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Intended for teens ages 13 and up, the Thrills & Chills Expansion set costs $24.99, is meant for 2-4 players. Find each asset to the game online on The Op’s website. With each set, kids can achieve Disney and Pixar-inspired victory with their friends!

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