Even more LEGO Disney sets are here!

LEGO’s latest lineup of Disney sets is based on the upcoming movie the company is releasing for its 100th anniversary, Wish. Wish follows Asha as she takes on evil with her sidekick, Star, to protect the kingdom of Rosas. 

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, these sets feature iconic settings from the movie with LEGO Friends-style minifigures. There are three sets in the collection: Asha in the City of Rosas, Asha’s Cottage, and King Magnifico’s Castle.

The Asha in the City of Rosas set ($19.99) features Asha, Star, and Asha’s goat, Valentino as they sell to tourists in the Rosas marketplace. The Asha’s Cottage set ($49.99) shows off Asha’s purple and yellow cottage and opens up for play inside the cottage. The set also comes with four characters: Asha, Star, Sakina, and Sabino. The crowning jewel of this lineup is King Magnifico’s Castle, which is full of mystery for kids to unlock as they build and play with the set. 

All three sets will be available starting Sunday, Oct. 1. As kids wait eagerly for more information about Wish, these LEGO sets will help the time go faster!

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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