FlyNerlies | Source: Distroller World/the Toy Insider

It’s a bird — no, it’s a plane — no, it’s FlyNerlies!

Distroller World is expanding on its Neonate Babies line with the new Generation X-Clusive FlyNerlies, flying into stores today. These are the first Nerlies in the Neonate Babies nursery that can really fly.

The FlyNerlies species hails from the native forests of Neonatopia. One day, the FlyNerlies found out that all the winged species of Earth were disappearing and in danger of extinction. They were put inside their NeoCocoons to board the first ship to Earth. The FlyNerlies hope to leave their NeoCocoons to learn how to fly so that they can help insects pollinate Earth while teaching kids the importance of winged species and how to care for them.

FlyNerlies | Source: Distroller World

Each FlyNerlie comes inside a NeoCocoon and includes two different sizes of wings (battery required), a pacifier, and an Aerial Anchor kit that attaches to the ceiling to allow for crash-free flight. Kids can take on the role of “Neo-parents” to nurture their FlyNerlies to leave their NeoCocoon and teach them how to fly. The line will debut with three characters: Polleny, Katerina, and Applebee. Each will have a unique QR code that transforms the packaging into a projector that displays a 3D video demonstration of the baby flying.

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Distroller is the maker of the Neonate Babies, alien-like dolls consisting of four species: the Nerlie, Espongie, Zygotie, and MikroNerlito. The Neonate Babies traveled to Earth from their home of Neonatopia hoping to be adopted by kid Neo-parents who can love them and care for them.

Kids can adopt the new generation of FlyNerlies at

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