Kid Trax Dizzy Racers | Source: Kid Trax

A new toy is in town for when tots have the need for speed.

Kid Trax Dizzy Racers cruise at a cool 2.5 MPH so kids can conquer their speedy quests safely. It also spins and turns — hence the name “Dizzy” — for an even more thrilling, yet safe ride.

The design of the Dizzy Racers is what makes them really stick out. They feature two oversized wheels and a compact look. Available in pink, blue, or yellow, each one features cool racing stripes so that kids can feel like they’re in the Daytona 500.

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Kids ages 3 and up (and less than 66 lbs) can zoom and spin their way around outdoors or indoors. Dizzy Racers are compact enough that they can be ridden around a playroom or basement for kids to keep their Nascar skills growing even when there’s snow covering the ground. When outdoors, it’s better to stick to the pavement — as that’s what a real race car driver would do. The car also features a rechargeable battery, charger, and a one-step charging system so the fun never needs to stop for long.

Kids playing with the Dizzy Racers | Source: Kid Trax

There’s something about spinning in circles that is just so fun for kids (and maybe some adults too, at least for the one writing this review). With this ride-on, kids have full control over the spinning feature with two buttons on the steering wheel so that they can easily stop any time they need a break.

There’s still time to purchase this swirling ride on in time to do laps around the Christmas tree! Right now, the Kid Trax Dizzy Racers are available on Amazon for quick shipping.

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