Kids can explore the Forgotten Realms within a game they already know and love! | Source: Wizards of the Coast

A new D&D Direct — a virtual presentation from the Dungeons & Dragons team that gives updates about the brand — dropped yesterday. The news-packed presentation brought all sorts of excitement for tabletop players with it, including some updates for kids who are just getting into the game. The classic survival crafting video game Minecraft is popular among creative kids everywhere, and it’s now getting a new DLC featuring the world of D&D!

The Minecraft D&D DLC will feature a full story, voice-acting, and beloved locations from the Forgotten Realms, such as Candlekeep and Icewind Dale. Kids can choose their favorite D&D class and roll up a character to adventure through the story. Well-known D&D monsters will also appear, reimagined in the Minecraft style, including mimics, displacer beasts, beholders, and more. 

The new Minecraft DLC features new mechanics based on the rules of D&D. | Source: Wizards of the Coast

According to Wizards of the Coast Senior Producer Tom Argent, Mojang and Everbloom Games, makers of the DLC, have a “deep understanding and love of the brand,” so kids who know D&D will be delighted to see the world in Minecraft and those who are new can get to know the lore through a game they already love. 

Kids can also bring Minecraft monsters to their games of D&D, with official stat blocks releasing for iconic creatures like the Creeper, Enderman, and Ender Dragon. Little adventurers will be surprised to see one of their favorite video game monsters making its way into their tabletop campaign. 

Some new figure drops are both cute and scary! | Source: Wizards of the Coast

Outside of the virtual world, WizKids is releasing some exciting new figures with the D&D Replicas of the Realms set. Introduced in yesterday’s Direct, this collectible set includes a fearsome mimic and an adorable baby owlbear. Kids can grab their favorite and get to enacting their own D&D adventures.

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Little Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere can get excited about the brand, no matter their favorite way to play. With this and even more on the way from D&D, there’s never been a better time to roll up to the table!

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