The Dogs vs Squirls plush come in 48 fun characters to collect! | Source: Cepia/the Toy Insider

If you thought that the concept of Cats vs Pickles was wild, wait until you see the newest matchup from Cepia

Dogs vs Squirls features a lineup of adorable plush puppers that come in an assortment of different breeds. Each and every dog also features its own personality traits and, well, issues. For example, Carl the bulldog acts super tough, but he’s afraid of thunderstorms, so he wears a weighted vest. Alice the Goldendoodle flips the script and requires an emotional support person. Brenda the hound, who calls everyone “hun,” unfortunately brings the same Jell-O mold to every picnic — and it has carrots in it. 

Left to right: Alice the Goldendoodle, Carl the bulldog, and Brenda the hound | Source: Cepia

But these super-soft, bean-filled pups have more to battle than their own anxieties and baggage. They have one collective goal: to keep out the Squirls. Our mischievous little Squirl friends are out to cause havoc and destroy the very houses the Dogs are trying to protect. 

Chewy the Squirl | Source: Cepia

Similar to the dogs, the Squirls have their own likes and dislikes as well. For example, Chewy’s preferred attack mode is to rewire the electrical in the houses, while Cheezer burrows cheese into different places to cause havoc. These specific and silly personality traits for the dogs and the squirls make them extra fun to collect and add a little pizazz to each of the brightly colored and fun characters. 

Kids can also check out the Dogs vs Squirls YouTube channel to see fun videos featuring their favorite characters!

The Dogs vs Squirls beans are sold in mystery packs with a whopping 48 in total to collect, making kids’ search for all the characters a fun journey. Each features a fun design that matches its personality and a DvS embroidered heart logo. 

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While the concept may seem frivolous, these collectibles are no joke. In addition to being super cute and funny, they’re also the perfect price point for kids to buy with their own allowance money or trade with friends. 

Who will be the final victor in the Dogs vs Squirls battle? You’ll have to collect them all to find out!

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