Gibson the Goose is always with his best friend, Arlo the bluebird! | Source: Douglas/The Toy Insider

Gibson the Goose is the latest addition to Douglas’ Baby Ensembles, collections of baby toys that are themed around different characters. Gibson is a white goose with a blue-and-gray striped belly and a yellow bill and feet. Each Gibson toy in the ensemble also features Arlo, a bluebird who is Gibson’s best friend.

There are six toys inspired by Gibson. The Gibson Goose Snuggler features Gibson’s head and wings attached to a plush ivory blanket with a satin trim. The Gibson Goose Sshlumpie is a 19-inch plush goose that has an understuffed body that babies can snuggle with like a blanket. 

The Gibson Goose Chime adds an interactive element to play, as the 9-inch plush toy makes a soothing chime sound whenever babies move it. The Gibson and Arlo Activity Book is a 6-inch soft book that features an engaging story on top of sensory flaps, tags, and rattles inside the book. There are two Gibson Goose teethers: One is a 4-inch silicone teether that is Gibson-shaped and the other is a 10-inch plush toy with a teething ring attached to it.

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DLux Gwen the Goose | Source: Douglas

There is also a gaggle of geese, ducks, and chickens for preschoolers as well, aimed at kids ages 3 and up. Gwen the Goose joins Douglas’ DLux club as a 13-inch plush goose in light ivory, gold, and pale yellow colors, while 10-inch Ginne the Goose joins the Softs Collection and 7.5-inch Marnie the Taupe Goose joins the Mini Softs Collection. Dennie the Duck and two chickens named Rickie and Bobbie also join the Mini Softs Collection. Dennie is 7.5 inches tall, Rickie is 7 inches tall, and Bobbie is 9.5 inches tall.

Look for these feathery friends in specialty gift and toy stores and at this March. Only silly geese would deny how cute they all are!

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