The new plushies include a ton of bunnies, as well as new releases in the Sassy Pet Saks line. | Source: Douglas Co./The Toy Insider

Though winter is still very much in session, spring will have sprung before we realize, and Douglas is ready with an assortment of plush bunnies and new additions to the Sassy Pet Saks line.

Two new lines of plush bunnies will roll out later this month to give kids a sweet cuddle buddy. The Sitting Bunny Assortment brings the looks of a real-life rabbit to the plush world. The 6.5-inch bunnies are seated in a natural position, with chocolate brown or cream ivory as color options. With a signature cotton tail, these bunnies are great for kids who can’t have a pet rabbit and want the next best thing.

For something a bit more playful, the Tie Dye Bunny Assortment features plush bunnies with different tie-dye patterns and colors. There is a blue-and-yellow combo, an orange-and-pink combo, and a pink-and-blue combo. 

That’s not all the content Douglas has for rabbit lovers. The Colorful Bunnies will bring even more bright color and fun to the world of plushies. Elodie the Iced Pink Bunny Soft is an 8-inch member of Douglas’ Soft line, guaranteeing good cuddles. Creamie the Bunny is also very soft and, at 10 inches, can give the biggest hugs. Livie the Rainbow Bunny Soft comes in three sizes and is striped with rainbow colors.

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There are also some new additions in Douglas’ Rabbit Friends. Cheeks the Bunny is 8 inches tall and is all fluff with a realistic look. Cheeky the Bunny is much like Cheeks, but is snow ivory in color and a bit smaller at 6 inches. Hazel the Bunny is a floppy 10 inches with ivory fur. Finally, Tully the DLUX Curly Bunny is 12 inches and has dangly arms and legs. 

This will be a good Easter for any kid who loves bunnies, but there are, of course, also plushie offerings from Douglas that don’t focus on the adorable, big-eared animals. Douglas is releasing new Sassy Pet Saks, a line of plush animals that come with a carrying tote.

The Cosmic Swirl Sassy Sak holds a yellow Lab and features a spacey design on its tote. The Retro Chic Sassy Sak features a white Bichon and a pom-pom-trimmed tote. The Oh Snap! Sassy Sak holds a black Lab in a checkerboard-patterned floral tote. 

These plush animals are designed for kids ages 3 and up. Look for them at specialty gift and toy stores starting in late January.

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