Dr. Bonyfide takes kids on an anatomical journey. | Source: Know Yourself

Learning about the human body can be difficult for kids, but this anatomy curriculum makes it skeleTONS of fun!

Kids’ education platform Know Yourself offers Dr. Bonyfide’s Bones of the Body Workbooks that provide an engaging learning experience for curious, young minds. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, there are a host of bundles available for purchase that include a variety of workbooks, activities, and games to help kids get to know their bodies.

The Bones of the Body Curriculum includes four workbooks, a coloring kit, and a deck of cards. In each workbook, Dr. Bonyfide takes kids on a journey to different regions of the body. Whether kids are exploring the hand, the arm, and the shoulder in Workbook 1, or the head, the face, and the neck in Workbook 4, Dr. Bonyfide’s short, fun rhyming lessons will keep kids excited about the skeletal structure. After the lessons, little scientists can test their knowledge by completing crossword puzzles, mazes, and even checking out X-rays with the included 3D glasses.

At a retail price of $99.99, this bundle also includes a Bones Coloring Kit and Dr. Bonyfide’s Know Your Bones: Card Deck! These activities take learning beyond the page, giving kids a fun opportunity to incorporate creativity and imagination into science.

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For the novice anatomist, Know Yourself offers the Human Anatomy for Kids Starter Set. Priced at $53, the starter set introduces kids to anatomy with Adventure Books 1 and 2. Kids can travel to Ancient Greece and discuss the five senses with Aristotle or journey to 20th century Russia to learn from Alexander Maximov about the skeletal system! When they return from their worldly travels, kids can dive into the diagrams and descriptions of the first two Bones of the Body workbook.

If your little scientist can’t get enough, the Human Anatomy for Kids Curriculum provides an upgrade they will absolutely kNEED! For $165, the curriculum offers all six adventure books and all four workbooks, as well as the coloring kit and deck of cards. Each bundle is available for purchase on knowyourself.com.

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