Tonies audio figures are jumping into conservation for Earth Day with three new Tonies figures: Pammee and Yoohoo from Yootoo to the Rescue and Smokey Bear.

Kids can put their Tonies figures on top of a Toniebox (sold separately) to hear songs and audio stories. Each figure features a magnetic base, so kids can easily attach the Tonies for quick listening! There are original Tonies characters and figures inspired by popular movies, TV series, and books.

The Smokey Bear Tonie teaches kids everything about fire safety! | Source: Tonies

The Smokey Bear Tonie teaches kids all about fire safety. With a 55-minute-long tracklist, kids ages 5 and up can meet Smokey Bear, the mascot for U.S. Forest Service. Smokey Bear will teach kids the importance of leaving no trace behind when we spend time in nature, have a dance party with the “Smokey Bear Song,” and go on a three-part investigation of what caused a wildfire. The Smokey Bear Tonie is available for $19.99.

Kids can join Pammee the fennec fox and Yoohoo the Senegal bushbaby with the Yoohoo to the Rescue Tonies! Neither of these creatures are endangered, but on their adventures to save animals in need around the world, they’ll teach kids ages 3 and up about animals like the critically endangered kakapo bird, extinct-in-the-wild Hawaiian Crows, different versions of rhinos, and the vulnerable snowy owl. The two Tonies, which both have runtimes just under an hour, will also teach kids about frogs, bats, woodpeckers, and other types of common animals. Both Pammee and Yoohoo Tonies are available for $17.99 (sold separately).

While Tonies is releasing these three Tonies for Earth Day, it has also compiled a selection of other products that are perfect for the day. Some other highlights include Chris and Martin Tonies from Wild Kratts, Octonauts Tonies, and a lineup of stories about animals from National Geographic: Kids. 

Check out the Earth Day collection at If kids start learning about the environment when they are young, they learn about how beautiful and important our world is!

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