Build a Robot emphasizes patience, social skills, and imagination! | Source: eeBoo

Playing games feels even better when those games are sustainable.

eeBoo’s lineup of new games for this year is made with recycled materials and vegetable-based ink that foster sustainability and both individual and interpersonal play.

Sloth in a Hurry | Source: eeBoo

Sloth in a Hurry is an improv game designed for kids ages 5 and up in which players draw a “who” and a “what” card before spinning for a “how.” The goal is to impress the other players and earn stars. Whoever has the most starts at the end of the game wins! Sloth in a Hurry is available for $23.99. Buy it here.

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In Build a Robot, kids ages 3 and up spin the wheel and have to design their own robots out of the right-numbered pieces! Build a Robot encourages patience, imaginative play, and social skills. It is available for $23.99. Buy it here.

Kids ages 3 and up can test their memory skills with the Little Square Memory Games! Each game features 18 pairs and has a unique theme, such as sea animals, cats, garden, and more. The Little Square Memory Games are available for $11.99 each. Buy them here.

eeBoo also has two new Very Long Puzzles, 35-inch-long puzzles tthat have big pieces for little hands to put together. The puzzles, which are animal- and parade-themed, also come with a 25-inch-long poster that kids can hang up or just use as a reference. Designed for kids ages 3 andup, the puzzles are available for $21.99 each. Buy them here.

Finally, if kids ages 3 and up need some adventure after being cooped up all winter, eeBoo has indoor and outdoor Scavenger Hunt Games for kids to explore with. Kids can search for colors, objects, shapes, and more! The Scavenger Hunt Games are available for $16.99 each. Buy them here.

eeBoo has tons of new stuff this year, including even more puzzles and games, at Sustainability is all a part of the game!

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