Just Play’s new line Emma and Kate’s World features Ryan’s World’s twin sisters! | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Travel through the clouds and across the rainbow to Emma and Kate’s World!

Just Play’s newest line of toys features Emma and Kate’s World, the sister brand to the mega-popular Ryan’s World! Emma and Kate are Ryan’s twin sisters who are opening up their magical world to fans everywhere. EK World is a positive, bright, and beautiful place where everyone’s dreams come true. Kids can meet Coco Panda — Combo Panda’s little sister — as well as Emma and Kate’s kitty-cat best friends Rosie and Daisy. And of course, join Emma and Kate as they reveal the secret to a great surprise.

Perfect for little dreamers ages 3 and up, the Emma and Kate’s World BFF Egg Surprise is the ultimate unboxing experience. Packaged in a rainbow egg capsule with little kitty ears peeking out the top, kids will have so much fun opening the packaging and cracking the egg. Once inside, there are 20 surprises for them to find. I would recommend parental guidance for some of the unboxing, as I needed scissors to open a couple of the more tightly sealed toys.

Although every BFF Egg Surprise is different, little discoverers are sure to find heart-shaped sunglasses, a lip-gloss ring, a jar of ooze, a keychain, stickers, a jeep vehicle, a necklace, and a variety of Emma and Kate figures and accessories. I loved that the ears from the outside packaging became a light-up cat-ear headband (and yes, it even fit my adult-sized head!).

The EK World BFF Egg Surprise comes with 20 surprises for kids to unbox! | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Unlike other unboxing toys, the BFF Egg Surprise extends playtime past the unboxing experience. After unboxing the Emma and Kate figures, kids will have so much fun dressing them up and driving them around in the EK World hot pink jeep. Playtime doesn’t just include the figures, either. Kids can use the sunglasses, headband, and ring for dressing up, Halloween, or even every day use!

The BFF Egg Surprise also comes with two half-heart sprinkle necklaces that connect to form a complete heart. The necklace satisfyingly snaps together, giving little hands something to do while the rest of their surprises are being unboxed. Kids can give one of the half necklaces to a best friend, or wear both at the same time for some self love action.

There are a lot of little pieces, so it would be best to open everything in a clean, open space. Be mindful of packages that feel like there’s nothing in them: The BFF Egg Surprise comes with six flat stickers.

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This magical world invites kids to create their own imaginative adventures with Emma and Kate — and lets them find so many fun surprises along the way. Priced at $39.99 and available exclusively at Target, the EK World BFF Egg Surprise — and the rest of the EK World line — is the perfect holiday present. Get ready for the most enchanting playtime experience ever!

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