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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, families around the world struggled to find the words to explain to their little ones why they had to be extra careful around grandma and grandpa and why school would be taking place at home for a while. The upcoming children’s book Far Apart, Together at Heart is an attempt to explain the one-of-a-kind experience of living life in a pandemic, growing up with face masks and social-distancing guidelines.

Author Kelliann Delegro wrote the book during her own time in isolation away from loved ones while her husband continued his work in health care. Delegro wrote the book in an attempt to answer questions for future generations about what really happened during a time when people around the world went virtual, many missing out on major milestones in family and friends’ lives.

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Far Apart, Together at Heart features illustrations by Zoe Saunders of diverse characters, each experiencing different challenges with their families while coping with the pandemic. Kids can learn not only how we kept each other safe, but also how we continued to connect with each other while being apart. Parents can also use the book as a way to prompt conversations with their young kids about how it felt to grow up in a pandemic, helping them to understand their emotions in a healthy way.

Families can preorder the book now at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target before the official release on Nov. 1.

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