Luck’s got nothing everything to do with it.

Farkle, from PlayMonster, is a game of dice rolling and risk taking. Players take turns rolling the six dice and try to rack up the most points in one turn. The first player to reach a score of 10,000 or higher wins the game.

Now, it’s time to test your luck. The first player places the six dice in the cup, gives it a good shake, and rolls the dice onto the playing area. Depending on what a player rolls, he or she will collect points based on the scoring system. After each roll, the dice that were worth points are set aside, and the player rolls the remaining dice.

When a player rolls a combination that is not worth any points, he or she now has a Farkle. When players roll a Farkle, they lose any points accumulated for that round. Farkles can occur at any point—on a first roll or on subsequent rolls—during a player’s turn. Then, watch as all your hard work for that round gets blown to smithereens. It was nice while it lasted?

There are 15 different scoring rolls that vary in point value, and as the odds get slimmer, the points get higher. For example three 1s are worth 300 points, and six of any number is worth 3,000 points.

Once players reach their first 500 points in the game, they are able to stop rolling at any point during their future turns. So, if someone is comin’ in hot with their first couple of rolls and wants to take the money—or points—and run before rolling a Farkle, he or she can choose to tap out and collect their points for that round.

When the first player reaches 10,000 points or more, each player gets one last turn to attempt to beat that total. The player with the highest score wins.

As quickly as players can hit the jackpot, they can also hit rock bottom—or Farkle—just as fast. Get out all your four leaf clovers, horse shoe charms, and whatever else you may need, and prepare to take chances and make moves.

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Stephanie Grassullo

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