FlyFecta | Source: Fat Brain Toys

If your kid has a knack for strategy, FlyFecta is the perfect game for them! 

Fat Brain Toys launched a new game that puts players’ mind power to the test. The objective of this challenging game is to launch as many of your discs into the slots as possible using the gameboard’s nifty ramps. Much like tic-tac-toe, securing three slots in a row makes you a winner. 

The competition comes when opponents try to thwart other players’ plans by launching their discs into someone else’s spot. This makes crafting the perfect strategy a surefire way to victory. It’s the ideal activity for kids ages 8 and up to hone their spatial reasoning and work on thinking quickly. 

Fat Brain Toys’ primary mission with all its products is to offer kids “A Smarter Way to Play.” FlyFecta adds a fun, new twist to the strategy of tic-tac-toe, allowing players the fun of skyrocketing their discs into the board while giving their brain muscles a workout.

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The game board comes with four ramps (perfect for a friendly competition) and 48 discs to launch. To bring the thrills of luck and tactics to your family, you can purchase a FlyFecta game board on for $24.95.

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