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You can never have too many books, especially when you have kids who are looking for ways to pass the time at home.

While you’re riding out the cold winter weather and continuing to social distance indoors, give your kids some new reading options with these four books, all launching this month.

Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids is a collection of intersecting stories by both new and veteran Native writers, set at the Dance for Mother Earth Powwow in Ann Arbor, Michigan as Native families from Nations across the continent gather. The book is edited by Cynthia Leitich Smith and is full of stories of hope, joy, and resilience that showcase the strength of Indigenous communities and Native pride.

Cathedral of Bones by A.J. Steiger tells the story of a curious place, where a group of Animists use magic to do wondrous things, like summon imps, wraiths, and monsters to right wrongs and deliver justice. Simon Frost has been trying to become an Animist for years, and he finally gets the opportunity to prove his worth after a distant hamlet gets preyed upon by an abominable monster. When he arrives in the tiny village, Simon finds not just a monster, but also a key to his past — and a pathway into an unbelievable future.

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Stevie Wonder is the latest book in the Little People, Big Dreams series that explores the lives of outstanding and inspiring people. Written by Melissa Lee Johnson and illustrated by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, this book gives a detailed profile of musician Stevie Wonder’s life using stylish illustrations, a biographical timeline with historical photos, and extra facts at the back of the book.

The Raconteur’s Commonplace Book: A Greenglass House Story by Kate Milford is a mystery that follows a group of strangers who are trapped in an inn where nothing is what it seems. Among them are a ship’s captain, tattooed twins, a musician, and a young girl traveling on her own. To pass the time, they begin to tell folklore stories that eventually reveal more about their own secrets than they intended. As an unnatural amount of rain continues to pour down, the guests begin to realize that the entire city is in danger, and not just from the flood.

These books will all launch this month on Amazon and Kindle, or you can look for them at local bookstores.

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