MGA Entertainment’s latest toys are a great pick for plush lovers.

The Fluffie Stuffiez are plush toys designed for kids ages 6 to 9. Each plush character is covered in fluff that kids can pick out to reveal a new design underneath! Kids can reveal the small sizes in 30-45, while it can take up to an hour and a half to reveal the large plush toys.

There are more than a dozen plush to collect! | Source: MGA Entertainment

There are six families of plush toys for kids to collect: the Rainbow family, the Treat family, the Unicorn family, the Bear family, the Axolotl family, and the Sky family. Each family has one or two plush toys that kids can reveal! Picking the fluff out of the Fluffie Stuffiez is a great alternative to skin picking for kids with sensory issues. 

When kids are done revealing their new Fluffie Stuffiez, they can bag up the fluff they took off the plush character to make a new sensory toy! The packaging the plush toy comes in is perfect for keeping all of the fluff in. Kids can also squish and squeeze the packaging to their hearts’ content. 

The Fluffie Stuffiez are available now at major retailers for $14.99 for the smaller size and $29.99 for the larger size.

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