The Loyal Subjects —a company known for its pop culture collectibles — is branching out to create inspirational fashion dolls designed to help kids share their feelings and aspirations in a fun and non-judgmental way.

The new line of collectible dolls is called For Keeps, featuring the “Fabulous Seven Girls” in the first wave. First and foremost, each 5-inch doll comes with clothing, shoes, color-changing accessories, pets, and other secret surprises for kids to unbox. The original seven For Keeps Girls are role models with empowering backstories, dreams, and bios that give them names, personalities, and jobs, such as a journalist, a veterinarian, a filmmaker, and more.Each For Keeps girl includes a cupcake keepsake with a secured top that kids can twist off to store and reveal notes, affirmations, and other important ideas to share with loved ones. They come with a roll of 20 affirmation stickers that say things like: “I value our friendship,” “You’re strong and brave,” “You’re perfect as you are,” “You can do this,” and other positive messages. Kids can place the affirmation of their choice inside the cupcake, twist the top back on, and hand it to someone they’d like to share it with — like they’re passing a note. Each For Keeps doll also includes a pack of 25 stickers that kids can use to write their own affirmations.

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The collection is designed as a way for kids to share their thoughts and feelings with friends and families via the safety of the cupcake keepsake, which acts as a vehicle of trust. Each package also includes a QR code to reveal exclusive For Keeps content, including character stories, character reveals, and even more affirmations.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch this holiday season!

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