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Marie Curie ain’t got nothin’ on our girls.

Yellow Scope is a new line of science kits designed with girls in mind, fusing female empowerment with STEM learning for an afternoon full of educational play. One of our favorite products in the line is the Foundation Chemistry Kit: Beakers and Bubbles.

Yellow Scope broke into the toy industry this spring with this chemistry kit specifically designed to teach girls about science. While other STEM toys on the market hide their STEM-learning aspects (AKA kids learning without even knowing it), Yellow Scope wears its educational benefits loud and proud. With the Beakers and Bubbles kit, girls learn through exciting, colorful, and rigorous hands-on experiments broken up into different labs.

The kit includes everything kids need to conduct all of the experiments in the book and properly record their findings. I love the attention to detail, like the chalk cloth, which allows kids to draw with chalk but also makes for easy clean up, and the colored pencils to draw in the lab notebook. The kit comes with more than 20 pieces of lab equipment, including beakers, chemical reagents, safety goggles, a thermometer, and more. There are a few experiments that require additional materials, such as a drop of soap or a spoon, but these are items that would easily be found around the house.

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The lab notebook will guide girls through 19 (yes, 19!!) different experiments, and also serves as a sketchbook, a reference guide, a doodle book, and an instruction manual. The first page displays the Periodic Table of the Elements, and then teaches kids the basics of how to properly use lab equipment, and gives them an introduction to basic chemistry concepts. The lab notebook also introduces kid to three diverse characters with different interests. These characters show girls that it’s normal to like science as well as other things, like fashion, sports, and hanging out with friends.

My absolute favorite part about the notebook is the attention to detail, such as fun facts on the sides of the pages pertaining to each experiment. It’s even got examples of how the different experiments relate to the real world situations, showing girls that science is happening all the time around them, even when they’re not thinking about it, and will lead them to be curious about other similar concepts.

YellowScope2The experiments are fun, educational, and safe enough for parents to let kids conduct on their own with peace of mind (AKA the house won’t blow up). They are broken down into three groups: chemical reactions, molecular motion, and the effect of temperature. One of my favorites was in the Reaction Time Lab, where you add soap to a reaction of the two included chemical reagents. Girls can hypothesize (or make an educated guess) about what will happen, and then see what actually does happen, followed by an explanation as to why it occurs. SPOILER ALERT: Adding soap to the reaction REALLY made a lot of bubbles, and I was not prepared for it in the best way possible. In addition to the prescribed experiments in the lab notebook, kids can always think outside the box and create their own.

This set truly introduces girls to chemistry. Kids who already have an interest in science will love this kit, and kids who don’t will have a new-found appreciation for the subject. Most of all, this kit proves that it’s fun to #ThinkLikeaGirl. Sign me up for any Yellow Scope kits in the future.

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