Freefall challenges kids to design and solve puzzle mazes! | Source: ThinkFun/The Toy Insider

ThinkFun’s latest brain game is challenging kids to learn about gravity.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Freefall is a game of skill that tests kids’ logical thinking, reasoning, attention to detail, and more. Kids have to complete maze challenges using gravity and their brains to their advantage.

Freefall features 60 challenges! | Source: ThinkFun

Freefall features 60 puzzles with different levels of difficulty. To start a new challenge, kids can construct the frame and cups to make the course. Then, they can put a marble in the green cup and start playing! As kids twist and turn the frame, the marble inches closer to its destination. When kids complete all 60 challenges, they can even design their own levels. 

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Freefall is perfect for kids who want to play the game on their own, but they can also challenge their friends to see who can beat each level faster. When they complete all of the levels Freefall has to offer, kids will be problem-solving geniuses! Freefall is available on Amazon for $34.99.

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