Play as your favorite Disney character in Disney Kingdomania. | Source: Funko Games

The magic of blind bag toys is expanding in the world of board games

Funko Games’ Disney Kingdomania is a new, cooperative board game inspired by retro video games and Disney characters. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, it takes place in an 8-bit video game that has been experiencing glitches that are mixing up the levels. One to two players will have to patch up the glitches before it’s “Game Over” for their digital world and beloved Disney characters.

Disney Kingdomania Super Game Pack | Source: Funko Games

Players can build up their character roster and board by purchasing multiple Super Game Packs or portable Game Balls, which come with varying amounts of character figures, powerful items, and game tiles. There are 40 Disney character figures to collect, including Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Princess Tiana, Buzz Lightyear, and more. Each character has their own special ability and unique stats to help players progress towards victory. The game-changing items, including Maleficent’s spinning wheel and Aladdin’s magic carpet, can change the story’s outcome and actions. Players can swap out the interchangeable game tiles to customize their game board, too, creating different experiences each time they play.

Disney Kingdomania Game Ball | Source: Funko Games

Each Super Game Pack comes with four character figures, 20 game tiles, and two game-changing items, while each Game Ball comes with 12 game tiles and two characters.

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Disney Kingdomania will be available for purchase in the fall. Each Game Ball will cost $9.99, while each Super Game Pack will cost $22.99.

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