Dr. Seuss Pattern Party and Thing One and Thing Two Where Are You? games | Source: Funko Games/the Toy Insider

Oh me! Oh my! Oh me! Oh my! Funko Games is rejoining the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss with a new pair of board games inspired by the iconic kids’ books

Fan-favorite characters join the party in the Dr. Seuss Pattern Party Game. In this 2-4 player game, each player gets their own spinner that they will use to try and match a color, a shape, a pattern, or a character. If someone lands on “SWAP!,” everyone switches spinners. Kids ages 3 and up must match the four squares on their goal card to win the party. The Dr. Seuss Pattern Party Game will be available for $15.99 this spring. 

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Thing One and Thing Two are full of shenanigans again! Play hide-and-seek with two or more players in the Thing One and Thing Two Where are You? Game, recommended for kids ages 3 and up. One player becomes the hider to help the twins find a good hiding spot in the house, while the other players take turns asking questions, flipping tiles, and getting clues to find the troublesome Things. If someone flips the “Go Look!” tile, they get to search the whole house. In order to win the game, players must find Thing One and Thing Two’s hiding place. This game will be available this spring for $17.49. 

Dr. Seuss Pattern Party and Thing One and Thing Two Where Are You? are both simple to learn and easy to clean up. As part of Funko Games’ “Babysitter Approved” line of preschool games, these Dr. Seuss adventures are fun for the whole family. 

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