Tonies is adding a Gabby’s Dollhouse Character Tonie to its collection! | Source: Tonies/The Toy Insider

Get ready for a paw-sitively amazing new adventure with Gabby’s Dollhouse! Gabby and her magical kitty friends are coming to the Toniebox with a new Gabby’s Dollhouse figurine. 

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a popular kids live-action and animated TV series on Netflix that follows Gabby, a 12-year-old girl with a magical cat headband. In each episode, Gabby unboxes a surprise that begins the adventure inside her animated dollhouse. With the powers of the cat headband, Gabby shrinks down to toy-size with her stuffed toy cat Pandy Paws, who comes alive in the dollhouse.  

The Tonies Character Figures come with a magnetic base and feature handpainted details so kids can place each character on top of the Toniebox (sold separately) to hear different audio stories and songs. The Toniebox is a padded 5-by-5 inch speaker cube that’s designed for kids to hear screen-free storytelling out loud or with headphones. 

The Gabby’s Dollhouse Character Tonie | Source: Tonies

With the Gabby’s Dollhouse Character Tonie, kids can listen along as DJ Catnip loses his groove right before the big music show. Gabby and Pandy Paws must take him on a musical adventure to recover his talents. Kids ages 3 and up will learn about problem solving, learning from mistakes, and making friends along the way.   

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The Gabby’s Dollhouse Character Tonie is available now at, Amazon, and Target for $14.99. The Toniebox itself is available for $99.99, also on the Tonies website.

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