Gabby’s Musical Ears and Talking Pandy Paws | Source: NBCUniversal

The Netflix series Gabby’s Dollhouse from DreamWorks Animation is coming back this August — and the toys are out now!

Gabby encourages kids to try new things, use their imagination, and learn from their mistakes. In the series, she has a cat-ear headband that she wears to magically shrink down so that she can play in her dollhouse and a trusty sidekick named Pandy Paws. All of these and more are now available for kids to take home thanks to Spin Master.

Gabby’s Musical Ears | Source: NBCUniversal

While Gabby’s Magical Musical Ears don’t shrink kids down to doll-size, they are packed with huge fun. The toy version looks just like the one Gabby wears on the show and features more than 10 sounds, phrases, and songs. Kids can pinch the left ear to hear phrases from Gabby or pinch the right to start music for a dance party. They can also activate “meow mode” (pulsating lights and cat-tastic meows) by pressing both ears at once.

Talking Pandy Paws | Source: NBCUniversal

In the show, Pandy Paws only talks inside of Gabby’s dollhouse, but IRL he speaks in his plush form, too! The soft, cuddly plush is 13 inches long so it’s perfect for hug attacks. Kids can squeeze his paw to make it light up and play songs. Pandy Paws knows two songs and features 10 sounds and phrases.

Of course, the namesake of the show is a dream come true. Kids don’t even need to shrink themselves down to size to see the magic of it. Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse stands more than 2 feet tall and is packed with exciting features. They can start to play just like in the show by dropping a delivery in the tower and pressing a button to retrieve it. There are two surprise Dollhouse Deliveries to collect, as well as three accessories, furniture for each room, a Pandy Paws figure, and a 3.5-inch Gabby figure.

Gabby’s Dollhouse | Source: NBCUniversal

Gabby’s dollhouse is truly cat-tastic with each room showcasing her favorite bright colors and cat-themed decorations. Each of the three floors holds two different rooms and they’re a Cat-O-Vator to take Gabby to them all. In addition to the fun sounds in the dollhouse, there’s also a QR code in one of the Dollhouse Deliveries so kids can unlock a special reward in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse app.

To add to the play, kids can also grab the Deluxe Room Sets. They can bake in Cakey’s Kitchen, get glam in MerCat’s Primp and Pamper Bathroom, and catch some zzz’s in Pillow Cat’s Sweet Dreams Bedroom. Each set includes interactive surprises and includes two dollhouse deliveries, furniture, accessories, and more.

Another fun addition is the Deluxe Figures Set. It comes with seven collectible figures and a Dollhouse Delivery. Characters include Gabby, Pandy Paws, MerCat, Cakey Cat, Kitty Fairy, CatRat, and Baby Box Cat. Scan the QR code in the Dollhouse Delivery for yet another surprise!

It’s safe to say that we’re over the meow-oon for these toys. Each of these (and more!) are out now at major retailers.

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