The amusement park has never been more fun.

With the newest play set from VTech‘s Go! Go! Smart Wheels line, kids can spend a day with Gavin the Go-Kart at the adventure park. The Race & Play Adventure Park set is packed full of educational—and super colorful—fun. The set sprawls out a full 3 feet wide, so kids ages 1 to 5 get tons of playtime. Plus, multiple kids to play together.

Kids can start off by cranking Gavin up the ramp, and watching him loop and swoop down the first hill on a fun roller coaster-like ride. The set features SmartPoint locations, so Gavin will recognize which part of the track he is on, and engage kids with sound effects, melodies, songs, and phrases. There are four SmartPoint locations in total, with three sing-along songs and six melodies that kids will love (and parents will have stuck in their heads!).

Kids can also spin the fun Ferris wheel or play the tumble-down game for the full carnival experience. For some extra thrills, kids can place Gavin on the catapult, and pull the lever to watch him jump on to the track and zoom down the big hill, complete with a loop. While the set needs to be assembled, it’s pretty easy to put together, so parents won’t be pulling their hair out while their kids are waiting to play.

This set teaches preschoolers colors, numbers, and letters, and hones their fine motor skills. They also get the added value of pretend play, as they can create their own adventures with Gavin. If kids have other Go! Go! Smart Vehicles, they can also use them to play with this set.

Bring the amusement park into your playroom with some educational fun with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Race & Play Adventure Park!

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Ali Mierzejewski

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