Since we’re all spending a lot of time at home these days, comfort is key. When you combine comfort with cuteness during your confinement, then you get Happy Nappers from Jay@Play.

The best way to describe Happy Nappers is that it’s a sleepy sack surprise for kids! When it is snapped up, it is a plush pillow. When it is unrolled, it is a lightweight sleeping bag blanket.

There are 11 different Happy Nappers to choose from, in two different sizes, so kids can pick from a dog, a dragon, a kitten, a unicorn, and so many more. Whether they pick their favorite by color, animal, or to match home decor, kids will definitely want more than one. Keep them in pillow form and leave them on the couch for a squashy spot for your head to lay on. When it is a movie night or a rainy day, unfurl the napper to a blanket/pillow combination for the ultimate snuggle fest.

Plus, Happy Nappers are the perfect sleepover companion. If kids are having a sleepover birthday party, parents can have a variety and then gift the guests with them when they leave. Grandparents should consider keeping a squishy stash on hand for when the grandkids have an overnight visit, or when little ones need an impromptu nap — they’ll be kids favorite spot to snooze!

By putting these plushy pals on a desk chair, Happy Nappers can help to make homework fun with a soft, cuddly friend — one that can double as back support and a blanket for late-night studying. Plus, once your family is traveling again, bring them along on vacation or a long trip for the ultimate travel friend, too.

For parents, what makes Happy Nappers the “the perfect play pillow” is that they are machine washable with premium quality plush material.

Whether on a chair, in a car, on a sofa, or for studying, Happy Nappers are more than just for napping!

Please note: The Toy Insider is an independent toy review website and does not make or sell Happy Nappers. If you have an issue with your order, please contact Jay@Play:, 1 (800) 506-5254

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