Miniature versions of favorite Marvel heroes face off against iconic villains in these sets. | Source: Hasbro

Heroes do their own stunts!

Hasbro and Marvel have revealed a new line of exciting, action-packed toys designed around battles between Marvel heroes and villains. The Marvel Stunt Squad toys feature small-scale, stylized superheroes and villains in epic combat, with launchers to propel them at each other!

The Hero Vs. Villain Playsets all focus on an iconic Marvel hero and villain going head to head. In the Captain America Vs. Red Skull Playset, America’s hero faces off against the infamous Red Skull. There are also playsets featuring Iron Man Vs. M.O.D.O.K. and Spider-Man Vs. Venom. All sets come with a launcher so kids can send fighters flying right at each other. These playsets are available now at Target, with a release in late April at other retailers. 

The Smashin’ Heroes Playsets come with a destructible target base for even more action. The collection includes the Captain America Vs. Thanos Tower Smash Playset and the Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin Crane Smash Playset. Kids can put the destructible target base back together for even more smashing action, and both sets come with a launcher so kids can have their favorite hero launch their way into the fray. Like the Hero Vs. Villain sets, these playsets are available now at Target, with a release in late April at other retailers.

Rounding out the new releases are the Villain Knockdown Playsets. These playsets feature an extra hero for some team stunts. The Spider-Man and Miles Morales Vs. Venom Playset includes two versions of Spider-Man ready to fight Venom, while the Black Panther and Iron Man Vs. Ultron Playset features two different Avengers teaming up to take down the dangerous robot Ultron. Both sets have a destructible target base and launcher, and will be available in April.

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All the new Marvel Stunt Squad sets are compatible with one another, with the 1-inch-scale figures fitting in every launcher. Kids can collect them all and have the biggest stunt battle ever! The Smashin’ Heroes Playsets and the Hero Vs. Villain Playsets are available now at Target, with the Villain Knockdown Playsets expected to release to retailers this April.

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