Hasbro started its first day at International Comic-Con: San Diego (SDCC) with a Transformers panel, where tons of Transformers toys were revealed along with even more surprises from Star Wars, Marvel, and NERF. 

The Transformers panel included additions to the Transformers Generations, Transformers Legacy Evolution, and Transformers Studio Series collections. The launch includes more than a dozen new Transformers in all!

Some highlights include a line of Transformers inspired by Transformers: Rise of the Beasts like Optimus Primal and Nightbird along with figures from other Transformers movies, including the 1986 animated movie; the Transformers Generations Shattered collection 2-pack of Rodimus and Sideswipe reimagined as the heroes of the Transformers universe; and the Transformers Legacy Evolution Stunticon Menasor Multipack, a 5-pack of Transformers including Dead End, Wild Rider, Motormaster, Dragstrip, and Breakdown.

Kids can help Groot grow up with this interactive toy. | Source: Hasbro

While Hasbro showed lots of love to Transformers yesterday, it still gave the spotlight to other brands as well. Young Marvel fans will love the I Am Groot Groove ‘N Grow Groot! Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this Groot is growing up fast! With a bobblehead and articulated arms, kids can play with Groot by acting out scenes from I Am Groot or interacting with him. Groot plays music, dances, and says his iconic line, “I am Groot!”

Young Jedi are also going to find something to love in yesterday’s lineup, which features Star Wars toys designed for kids ages 4 and up. Kids can act out scenes from Star Wars: The Clone Wars with the latest Mission Fleet playset, which features Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle! This playset comes with a 2.5 inch-scale Ahsoka figure and is perfect for soaring off into space with imaginative play. The lineup also features new Star Wars Droidables, 4-inch portable toys that are just as feisty as Star Wars droids! Modeled after BB-8, R2-D2, and Chopper, these droids interact with kids with more than 20 different light and sound combinations and movements! 

The company also announced three action figures for Star Wars: The Black Series and Marvel Legends. The Black Series figure — Pre Vizsla, the governor of Concordia during the Clone Wars and leader of Death Watch — comes with the Darksaber, a jet pack, blasters, and his Mandalorian armor. Deadpool and his sidekick Bob, Agent of Hydra, are back for action and joining the Marvel Legends series. The 2-pack features more than 20 accessories, including interchangeable heads, weapons, and more.

Finally, Hasbro rounded off Day 1 of SDCC with a lineup of NERF Gelfire Blasters designed for teens. Each blaster comes with Gelfire ammo that bursts on impact for more intense NERF battles! The collection includes the Ghost Blaster, which comes with 5,000 rounds, holds more than 100 rounds at once, and can shoot up to 200 feet per second; the Raid Blaster, which shoots five rounds at once, holds 800 rounds, and comes with 10,000 rounds; and the Dual Wield Pack, a set of two blasters that fire instantly! Each set comes with protective eyewear and a trigger lock for safe play. 

Whether kids are mega Transformers fans or want to own their own mini droid, Hasbro’s new reveals live up to the hype!

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