Sesame Street “Elmo’s Number Adventure” with guest star Billie Eilish | Source: HBO Max

Summer is about to be in full swing, and HBO Max is stacking up its library of kids’ programming with new episodes, events, and series for June!

HBO Max’s new CG-animated series, Blippi Wonders, follows curious Blippi on his fun adventures in the BlippiMobile with his faithful sidekicks Fetch and Tabbs. They help Blippi find the answers to the relatable and burning question of the day, like “How does a rainbow get its colors?” and “Why is Blippi’s popsicle melting?” The series inspires curiosity and enthusiasm around learning, and is available to stream now.

Lellobee City Farm is HBO Max’s new music-based show, set at Grandma Mei’s fantastical, urban micro-farm. Farm animals talk, plants and vegetables sing, and Ella plays with her friend Rishi at Mei’s welcoming oasis in the midst of a bustling, cosmopolitan city. Filled with charming characters and super-catchy songs, the series inspires kids to connect to nature and one another. Season 1 of Lellobee City Farm is available to stream starting tomorrow. 

HBO Max is also serving up the next batch of Total Dramarama Season 3 episodes starting on June 6. Kids can join Beth and Harold as they investigate the city’s toilet paper shortage, watch Gwen and Duncan take a trip into Cody’s dream to discover why he keeps screaming in his sleep, and witness Courtney’s attempt to make Chef a better teacher.

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The adventures continue with new Sesame Street episodes. Kids can watch Elmo get math help from guest star Billie Eilish or assist Hubert the Human Cannonball in flying across Sesame Street. Check out the new episodes and release dates below:

  • “The Great Home Carnival” on June 2
  • “Backyard Pizza Parlor” on June 9
  • “Elmo’s Number Adventure” on June 16
  • “Goldilocks and the Three Homes” on June 23
  • “Hubert the Human Cannonball” on June 30

For the more mischievous viewers, kids can join Victor and Valentino in their Monte Macabre mischief! New episodes of Victor and Valentino are available to stream on June 10.

Finally, HBO Max is going full rock this summer with Mo Willems’ Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Underground Rock Experience. Based on Willem’s best-spelling picture book and theatrical rock experience, this animated rock opera tells the tale of a sensitive, curious, and rockin’ naked mole rat named Wilbur (voiced by Jordan Fisher). Wilbur stands out from the other naked role mats, as he actually likes to wear clothes! This musical event strikes a powerful chord about accepting others and their differences. Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Underground Rock Experience takes center stage on June 30.

Whether on Sesame Street or in Grandma Mei’s micro-farm, there’s fun adventures for everyone on HBO Max this month!

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