The spontaneous nature of Hedbanz Blast Off! makes it an exciting game for families. | Source: Spin Master

Guess fast or your card will blast off!

Spin Master introduces a higher-energy and more spontaneous take on its popular guessing party game Hedbanz with the release of Hedbanz Blast Off!, designed for players ages 6 and up.

Hedbanz Blast Off! includes two plastic headbands in different colors to represent two corresponding teams and 125 “I am” cards, each depicting a profession, an animal, a vehicle, a food, or an item.

To play the game, each team needs two or more players. In each round, one player from each team puts on the Blastoff headband to become the guesser. At the start of their turn, the guesser places an “I am” card in a slot on the headband and turns a built-in timer knob on the headband. Once released, the timer knob counts down roughly 30 seconds, during which the guesser must correctly guess what is depicted on the card in their headband by asking their teammates questions. The game comes with some sample question cards to help kids get started, but they can ask any question that their teammates can answer with one word or sound.

Hedbanz Blast Off! includes two plastic headbands in different colors. | Source: Spin Master

If the guesser doesn’t figure out what they are before the timer runs out, the card physically shoots out of the headband and that player’s team loses the round. Both teams play the game simultaneously, and the first team to get three correct guesses wins.

The spontaneous nature of Hedbanz Blast Off! makes it an exciting game to play during small gatherings between friends or families. Though the game has simple rules, its substantial number of “I am” cards elevates its replayability. Moreover, cards from other Hedbanz games also fit the card slot and can be used for this game.

The unique “Blast Off” function also allows for many customizations to the rules. For example, kids can create a rule in which a team gets half a point if someone catches the blasted-off card before it touches the ground, but the opposing team is allowed to interrupt the card-catching process.

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In terms of production quality, the headbands are solidly built and easy to assemble (however, they do need to be disassembled to fit back inside the box). The cards are simple, but effective in conveying meaning for a variety of age ranges since every card has both an image AND words to describe the image.

The most impressive — and fun — aspect of this game is the “Blast Off” mechanism, which shoots the cards out with substantial force, but doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t jam after many hours of play. Just make sure to play the game in an open space, as blasted-off cards tend to slip under tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Get ready, get set, and prepare for blast off!

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