Your kids will be feline good when they get to show off their custom manicures and pedicures with the Hello Kitty Sparkling Nail Art Set from Horizon Group USA.

The Sparkling Nail Art set is complete with four vibrant, water-based nail polishes in the Hello Kitty shades of Hello Kitty pink, Kuromi purple, Cinnamoroll blue, and PomPomPurin yellow. Since the polish is water-based, grownups will appreciate that harsh nail polish remover is unnecessary. The product also states the polish is made from vegan-friendly formulas and clean beauty ingredients free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals.

However, this set comes with more than simple nail polish. It also comes with 25 adhesive gem nail charms, eight sheets of Hello Kitty nail stickers, a pot of silver and pink glitter, and a glitteriffic mini nail file! The stick-on nails are a fun alternative; no nail polish drying time is required. Plus, using the nail polish and the nail art means kids can customize their manicures and pedicures, too. Kids can hit up the catwalk with nails sparkling with gems, glitter, or stickers for a unique style!

Turn up the mewsic and can this get this pawty started — because this set is Hello Kitty-themed, it is an excellent addition to purr-fect sleepover or birthday party. Make sure to serve Hello Kitty-themed snacks, like caffeine-free cat-puccinos!

With the price point of this nail art set, parents can get a few as a mani/pedi party activity for a kids’ purrthday party kids or hand them out as party favors. Parents can also separate the products in the packaging to stretch the budget and make several goodie bags or use the pieces for advent calendar stuffers for the Christmas holiday!

However your kiddo uses the Hello Kitty Sparkling Nail Art Set, they will definitely have nails that are as purr-ty as a picture!


The Hello Kitty Sparkling Nail Art set is complete with four vibrant, water-based nail polishes in Hello Kitty shades, one full set of stick-on nails, gemstones, and nail stickers to give kids the manicure of their dreams! 

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $12.99
  • Age:
  • 6+

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