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Trying to teach a toddler can be a tricky task, but Educational Insights is here to help! The company’s Hot Dots Let’s Learn Preschool Reading & Math Sets introduce foundational reading and math skills through fun, independent activities. 

Each set comes with a 50-page booklet filled with interactive reading or math activities. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the sets cover a variety of skills to set kids on the path of learning, helping them build a strong foundation before kindergarten. 

The best feature about these sets is the Hot Dots pen. Each question in the booklet features multiple answer options, each paired with a black dot that responds to the tap of the pen. Kids can touch the pen tip to the dot of the answer they think is correct to get an audio response telling them if they were right. The top of the pen also lights up green for a correct answer and red for an incorrect answer. Each pen works with both sets and needs two AAA batteries to power it up. Visual and audio feedback can help kids learn at their own pace as they become more confident in working independently. 

The math set covers counting, patterns, colors, shapes, sizes, sorting, and ordering numbers. Some of the activities in the set include counting objects, matching shapes, and picking the next picture in a pattern. The reading set teaches kids about letter recognition, patterns, rhyming words, ordering, colors, and phonics. Kids can fill in the missing letter in a pattern, match beginning sounds to words, and choose the picture that makes the most sense in a series. 

The second half of each booklet features a “Show What You Know!” section for kids to review skills from earlier activities and ensure understanding. Along the way, kids will notice star shapes at the end of each section. The booklet includes 70 colorful, star-shaped stickers that kids can place in these star spots to track learning progress. 

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Parents will love that they can modify the audio responses by changing the pen’s volume to high, low, or no sound at all. Kids can also hook the pen over the booklet for easy storage, making the Hot Dots sets perfect for on-the-go learning as a quiet activity in the car, on an airplane, or in a waiting room.

With these sets, kids can develop confidence in their early learning skills as they reach for the stars!

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