Little fashionistas are about to have the perfect pieces for their back-to-school outfits!

MGA Entertainment is well known for its chic L.O.L. Surprise! toys, mystery capsules that contain mini fashion dolls. Those mini fashion statements are about to get a lot bigger thanks to a capsule collection from Hype featuring backpacks and lunchboxes with some of kids’ favorite L.O.L. Surprise! characters on them.

There are seven backpacks in the collection, each featuring the classic Hype backpack shape and bold colors worthy of the L.O.L. Surprise! brand. The backpacks have an inside lining, durable padded straps, and a handle for grabbing. They also come with a detachable rubber keychain, branded with L.O.L. Surprise! designs. 

Three lunchboxes are also coming to the cafeteria. The lunchboxes pair perfectly with the backpack designs, creating a complete look for little fashion stars. Each has insulated lining, a water bottle holder on the side, a small front pocket, and a large inside pocket with plenty of room for packed lunches. 

The new collection launched this week and is available exclusively on the Hype website. Get a truly unique back-to-school look thanks to the Hype x L.O.L. Surprise! collection.

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Bug Hartsock

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