There’s a whole world of Monji that is hiding in everyone’s favorite sweet treat.

I Dig Monsters from Moose Toys is an adorable line of new popsicle-themed collectibles. In a Popsicle Pack, kids will reveal a cheeky, stylish monster named Monji, only after they dig their way through the popsicle-shaped compound. But first, they need the right tools to do so.

The clever packaging reveals that the popsicle sticks are actually tools — either a slicer, peeler, or grater — for kids to carve their way through the jelly compound. They also feature Monji fun facts, which also give some more personality and insight into the coolest monsters around. My fun facts were that math problems give Monji a brain freeze (Monji, they’re just like us!) and that it will start snowing if you make Monji giggle.

Now for the exciting part: It’s time to search for the Monji! I Dig Monsters is made for kids ages 5 and up, so they should know that this is just a toy, but the packaging gives an extra warning that this is not an edible popsicle. Please, don’t eat your toys!

The popsicle compound is cool to the touch, just like the real treat. Pro tip: It is made of water wax, so be sure to use an old newspaper or a couple of pieces of paper towel to protect whatever surface kids are working on from any potential spills. Next, kids will slice, grate, and peel the smooth jelly with their popsicle sticks until they find their hidden treasure. The carving process is sooooo satisfying and gives you all the ASMR feels.

The Monji is in a blind bag, so it will be dry and ready to play with as soon as kids take it out of the popsicle. While the popsicle compound will not regain its shape, kids can also use the stamp cutter charms to make cool shapes from what’s left.

There are 28 stylish Monji looks for kids to collect this series in various rarities and special finishes, including accessories. Not to brag, but I dug up a rare Monji named Beach Day Monji. It totally channels my yearning for a beach day and wears flippers and floaties. Kids can also dunk Monji in icy cold water for a ~*mystery*~ color-change surprise.

Kids can also collect the I Dig Monsters Jumbo Popsicle, featuring super-soft, giant plush. Kids can find either Treats or Goodie Giant Monjis. But, when kids give these special Monji a big hug, they might feel something icy stuck inside its tummy. When kids dig their hands inside its mouth, they’ll find a Popsicle Pack to do a whole new Monji reveal!

I Dig Monsters adds an extra, sweet layer to kids unboxing their collectibles.

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

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