You broke your butt. But, it’s okay. It happened to all of us. Maybe you sat on it too hard. 

Regardless, your next step is to find a new one. Spin Master has just what families need to solve this problem with a new board game called I Need A New Butt. Inspired by Dawn McMillan’s hilarious, best-selling kids’ book of the same name, this 2-4 player game is perfect for families with kids ages 5 and up to have a night full of laughter and fun. 

Upon opening the package, families will receive a game board, a Butt Popper with two dice inside, four Butt Movers (player tokens), 24 Butt Tiles to place on the board, 24 Butt Cheek Tiles, 24 Butt Cards, and four Butt Holders. As you can see, there are enough butts to go around, but the player with the most butts will reign victorious. The instruction pamphlet in the package will tell you everything you need to know to assemble your new gluteus maximus the fastest. 

Before the fun begins, players will have to pop out each of the Butt Tiles from the sheet provided with the game, then place each Butt Cheek Tile on top of the 24 spots around the board, put the Butt Popper in the middle, and you’re ready to go! Players can choose from four different color Butt Movers to navigate across the board: yellow, blue, red, and green.  

Each player receives one Butt Holder to move around the board and two Butt Cards. Every Butt Card is worth a laugh with their funny names like “artsy-fartsy,” “robo-butt,” or  “a butt with flair,” along with hilarious artwork from the book. The creativity shown in the stylistic drawings from McMillan’s work is certainly worth admiring.

Each Butt Card pairs with two Butt Cheek Tiles on the board. The objective is for players to find both tiles to match both of their cards. On each player’s round, they’ll press down on the Butt Popper and watch the dice inside roll: One die will showcase a color shown on the Butt Tiles, while another will indicate an action the player will take. There are three actions: direction, swap, and peek.

Say the dice roll reveals swap and blue — the player will move clockwise to the nearest blue spot. They’ll flip the Butt Tile over and collect it if it’s one they need (if not, they flip it back over.) This is standard for every move, but since the player rolls swap, they can swap any two Butt Tiles on the board. If a player rolled peak, they’ll do the same process, except instead of swapping tiles, they can take a peek at any Butt Tile on the board. Players that roll direction can move to the nearest color on the die in any direction of their choice. Once players find a Butt Tile that they need, they can place it on the Butt Holder. Once they have two sets of matching Tiles for their Butt Card, they win!  

On top of the competitively fun tactic and actions, what makes I Need A New Butt such a great addition to family game night is sharing a laugh around the table at all the hilarious card names and art. Kids will definitely get a kick out of being able to say “butt” a bunch of times. So if you’re looking for a fun activity to get your kids in a cheerful, playful mood, I Need A New Butt could be just the game for you!


This 2-4-player card game is inspired by the best-selling book by Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird. Players press the Butt Popper, then race around the board and match Butt Cards, like “rocket butt,” “robo butt,” and “paintball butt.” The first player to collect all of their matching butt cheeks wins the game.

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  • $14.99
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  • 5+

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