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It’s beauty, it’s grace, it’s an ice ribbon twirler for kids to showcase!

The Ice Ribbon Twirler from KESS helps kids ages 6 and up channel their inner rhythmic gymnast, ice princess, dancer, and more. Its light-up features and feather-like ribbon make it perfect for indoor and outdoor play!

The set features a grippable, holographic baton with dual-sided, pink ends and a separately included — but matching — holographic and light-pink ribbon. The baton is lightweight, and the ribbon is 3 feet long and about 3 inches wide. Kids can hit the baton into their palms and watch it light up with pretty green, purple, and blue flashing LED lights.

Ice Ribbon Twirler in action | Source: KESS

The twirler is easy to assemble. All parents have to do is press the baton down into the ribbon attachment until it snaps into place, then the twirling fun can begin! The ribbon is bright and reflective, so it really sparkles and shines in the light like ice would. When the sun goes down, no worries — the baton lights up the night like a magic wand, so kids can still twirl, shake, and wave to their heart’s content. The ribbon itself can crinkle very easily, but it doesn’t tear. Just make sure to store it neatly and securely whenever kids want to put away their twirlers to spin another day.

Using the ribbon, kids can create so many shapes with a simple flick of the wrist, from a sparkly tornado to a pretty pink infinity sign. The Ice Ribbon Twirler can truly get kids up and moving, adding character to any dance performance or living-room floor routine. Who knows: Maybe kids will upgrade to a gymnastics ribbon wand one day!

For less than $6, the Ice Ribbon Twirler is a sweet, sparkly, and affordable treat for the little dancers and gymnasts in your life. So get these ribbons ready to roll for some active fun!

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