Can’t quite swing that family vacation to France? In Kidz has you covered!

The In Kidz Culture Boxes feature everything needed to learn about somewhere new. The boxes come straight to you by mail and are designed to educate kids about different cultures and places. The kits have activities, books, and plenty of fun toys to make inclusion and education a great time. 

Kids can visit Italy, France, Jamaica, Australia, and Guatemala with the Culture Boxes already available on the In Kidz website. They can also learn about Nowruz (Persian New Year) or brush up on their American Black History. The kits make learning fun with activity books, stories, puzzles, and tons of toys. Kids will receive a boomerang with the Australia kit, hacky sacks with the Jamaica kit, a mini Eiffel Tower with the France kit, and more!

Outside of the Culture Boxes, In Kidz also has two kits available that aim to teach kids about mindfulness. Focused on techniques like self-awareness, breathing, meditation, and gratitude, the Mindful Kits are designed to help build confidence and calmness as kids navigate the often overwhelming world around them.

The In Kidz Culture Boxes are available now here. Get a Culture Box and have the kids in your life globetrotting, all from the comfort of home!


These boxes come straight to your door and send kids on an adventure across the world! Whether they want to visit France, Jamaica, or even learn more about Black History in America, there's a box that'll teach them all about new places and cultures. Each box comes with custom activities, informational facts, and objects based…

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  • 4+

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