Get ready to bug out this spring in our #Insectlore Twitter Party, sponsored by Insect Lore, on Friday, April 6 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST! Learn all about Insect Lore’s incredible gift sets that get kids ages 4 and up interested in nature, biology, and other aspects of STEM learning! Insect Lore’s insect raising kits allow kids to get up-close with nature, learning about the lifecycles of insects, and then giving back to the environment by releasing their butterflies, ants, and more into their neighborhood or backyard. These gift sets keep on giving, teaching kids about the importance of pollination, colonies, and so much more, while letting them get outside and explore the environment! Each Twitter party winner will receive a different set, read more about the incredible prizes below!

Butterfly Garden Gift Set: Watch the butterfly life cycle up close! Watch the entire metamorphosis process first-hand, and enjoy beautiful painted lady butterflies at the end. The set includes five caterpillars with food, a butterfly habitat, a deluxe chrysalis station log, a feeding pipette, a flower-shaped butterfly feeder, Insect Lore measuring spoon, two sugar packets, a seed packet containing wildflower seeds to attract pollinators, 3-D Butterfly Stickers, and a butterfly wind-up. Read our full review!


Praying Mantis Gift Set: Hatch your very own praying mantis egg case while learning all about this fascinating insect! The set includes a live Praying Mantis Egg Case with 75 to 200 baby mantids, a hatching plant egg case holder, an escape-proof Praying Mantis Habitat, a Praying Mantis life cycle set, five exclusive Insect Lore temporary tattoos, and a habitat mister. Allow three to 10 weeks for the egg case to hatch. Once your baby mantises emerge, release most of them into your garden to forage for unwanted pests. Keep one or two of the mantises in the habitat to feed, observe, raise to adulthood, and then release!

Ladybug Land Gift Set: Watch the captivating ladybug metamorphosis process! You’ll get everything you need to grow and observe your ladybugs, PLUS exciting extras to enhance your ladybug experience, including one tube of 10-12 ladybug larvae complete with all the nutritious food they need to grow into adult ladybugs, the Original Ladybug Land habitat (a clear domed habitat with a built-in magnifying lid), a set of Ladybug Life Cycle Stages, One sheet of chubby Ladybug Stickers, and a watering pipette. The entire transformation takes about three weeks.

Ant Mountain: Take ant observation to new heights with Ant Mountain! Learn all about ants and how they live with this escape-proof ant-tunneling kit. Ant Mountain has a fascinating inside/outside design that allows kids to watch their busy ants work cooperatively to tunnel, explore, and forage throughout their rugged environment. Now anyone can become a myrmecologist (a person who studies ants) with Ant Mountain! The set includes a two-sided viewing habitat with safe and escape-proof, locking lid; special “easy dig” sand; a sand rod to get the tunneling started, and a certificate to redeem your supply of 25 harvester ants by mail. Your ants will love tiny bites of celery, carrot, or apple (about the size of a popcorn kernel) every three days. They also need a couple of drops of water every third or fourth day.


ONE lucky winner will win ALL FOUR buggy kits, including the Butterfly Garden Gift Set, Ladybug Land Gift Set, Praying Mantis Gift Set, and Ant Mountain!

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*You MUST RSVP AND participate in the Twitter Party to be eligible to win! Open to U.S. residents only!*

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