Warm up those thighs — It’s Bananas challenges players to pick up hoops using a monkey tail that is tied to their hips! | Source: McMiller

I don’t remember the last time I belly-laughed so hard, and it’s all thanks to a party game called It’s Bananas.

Designed for at least two players ages 6 and up, It’s Bananas challenges players to wear an inflatable monkey tail and pick up hoops that are sitting on the floor. The catch is that you can’t use your hands, so you can only rely on your squatting skills to collect the hoops and claim enough bananas to become the winner!

Two or more players can join in on the It’s Bananas fun! | Source: McMiller

Gameplay is super simple, so players will get down to monkey business in no time. First, inflate your monkey tails, assemble the spinner, and place the hoops around the floor. The hoops are shaped like a dome and come in three sizes, adding an extra challenge to the game. Then, split into teams and take turns spinning the spinner. Warming up your thighs is completely optional, but definitely recommended.

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There are three spinner challenges you can land on, each indicating a different amount of hoops to pick up against a player from the opposite team. In Tail Forward, the first player to pick up the hoop with the matching color wins; for Tail Backward, the same rules apply except that your tail is pointing away from you; and in Line Up, arrange the three hoops in a line according to the colors shown.

The player who completes the challenge first wins a banana token, and the first team with three banana tokens wins the game!

There are several layers to what makes this game ridiculously funny. First, you’re wearing this monkey tail that loops through your legs — which little kids will find silly and adults will find hilariously inappropriate (if you know, you know). Then, you have to full-on squat for your tail to reach the hoops. Last, you have to maneuver your body to collect all of the hoops, clumsily moving your feet and thrusting your hips to get the right angle. Add a friend doing the exact same thing, and you’ve got a recipe for an epic laughing fit.

Versatile enough to satisfy kids, teens, and (tipsy) adults, It’s Bananas is definitely a must-play during your next game night!

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