For once, kids will be singing songs parents won’t mind having stuck in their heads.

Beat Bugs is a new animated series streaming on Netflix that features music inspired by The Beatles. Each episode explores the narrative of songs made famous by the group in a child-friendly way, and features five adorable bugs who explore adventures in an overgrown backyard. The series introduces a new generation of these classic songs to kids, sung by celebrity guests such as P!nk, Sia, James Cordon, Jennifer Hudson, and more.

Now there’s a whole new toy line from Blip Toys, which incorporated these tunes into the toys, including four adorable plushes based on the Glowies in the show. The Beat Bugs Glowies look just like they do in the animated adventure, even down to their unique expressions, plush fur, tiny wings, and antennae. There are four different Glowies for kids to collect: Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Orange.

Each plush is furry and soft, and is the perfect size for kids to cuddle while they’re watching Beat Bugs episodes. But, they also sing songs that kids will be familiar with from the show. Orange sings Get Back, Blue sings Ticket to Ride, Yellow sings I’ve Just Seen a Face, and Pink sings Mr. Moonlight. Yellow is my favorite color and song combination—obviously.

The last thing you’d probably expect is your toddler running around singing classic Beatles songs, but these Glowies make the perfect companions for kids!

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

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