Sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side when there’s a sickness in the family, especially when it happens to young kids. Jazwares aims to bring hope to kids and their families with its latest Squishmallow, Star.

Star is an adventurer who goes on daily missions throughout the galaxy. This squishmallow is a blue bear covered with bright silver and yellow stars. Star is always optimistic and stays hopeful no matter what the next mission brings. 

Star is a galactic adventurer who always stays optimistic. | Source: Jazwares

These exclusive, limited-edition bears are gifts to Make-A-Wish kids and their siblings. Jazwares aims to boost optimism in families going through challenging circumstances by bringing them a soft and furry plush friend.  

Jazwares is donating more than 10,000 Squishmallow Stars to Make-A-Wish chapters across the country. Kids with critical illnesses and their siblings can hug their new best friend when they ship this fall.

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