Amid Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a new line of soft dolls is showing off the beauty of Asian heritage. 

Joeydolls is a company was founded in response to anti-Asian hate in 2020 that focuses on building pride in AAPI heritage.

“I was worried about the world my daughters would grow up in because of the increase in hate crimes against Asians,” Joeydolls Founder Samantha Ong said in a press release. “That’s when I had the idea to create Joeydolls, as a way to represent the Asian diaspora in a positive light.”

Joeydolls’ new line of Asian Cultural Dolls features plush dolls inspired by six countries: China, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, India, and Vietnam. Each doll features a unique skin tone and cultural elements in its outfit. 

The Chinese doll features her hair in two buns with red flowers in them and is wearing a red-and-gold cheongsam — or qipao — and matching shoes. In China, red symbolizes good fortune and joy, and gold represents wealth and prosperity, manifesting those things for anyone who wears those colors. The Vietnamese doll features a red-and-gold, floral ao dai — the traditional outfit of Vietnam with a long tunic, wide pants, and a matching headband.

The Filipino doll is wearing a floral Filipiniana dress with a matching Sampaguita (the Philippines’ national flower) in her hair. She wears wooden clogs, also known as bakya shoes. The Japanese doll is ready for spring, with a red Yukata Kimono covered in pink blossoms that match her Kanzashi hair accessory, a yellow Obi sash, and Geta footwear. 

Gold details are the star of the show with the Indian doll, which features a gold choli and a matching belt; gold bangles, earrings, and tikka; and a pink dupatta and lehenga skirt with gold detailing! Finally, the Korean doll wears a pastel pink-and-purple Hanbok and a pink headpiece with matching daenggi ribbons, norigae accessories, and gomusin shoes. 

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The Joeydolls Cultural Asian dolls will be available for preorder starting next month. By showcasing the beauty of Asian cultures, Joeydolls is prepping a new generation to take pride in where they come from.

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