Jooki Streaming WiFi Music and Story Speaker for Kids | Source: Jooki

Every parent says it: with phones being the primary source for music now, kids these days will never know the joy of unplugging from the world and tuning into their favorite record. Well, Jooki is looking to change that with its new, screen-less WiFi speaker for kids.

It may not be a boombox or a Walkman, but the new generation Jooki 2 music and story speaker is certainly the next best thing. Embracing modern music streaming, Jooki connects to Spotify, giving parents the opportunity to create playlists from a wide range of pre-selected songs and audiobooks.

The Jooki works almost like a Jukebox. Each comes with a set of tokens or figurines that users can assign a custom playlist using the Jooki app. Kids can then place these tokens into the Jooki to play whichever playlist they desire. As Joan Jett might say: “Put another token in the Jooki, baby!”

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Kids ages 3 and up can take the Jooki speaker anywhere and everywhere. Its lightweight design and built-in 8-hour USB rechargeable battery make it the perfect companion for long journeys. Using its Bluetooth technology, kids can connect the Jooki to wireless headphones — but don’t worry parents, the volume is limited to protect kids’ hearing!

Jooki 2 gives kids the opportunity to engage with music while lessening their screen time. The speaker is priced at $112.99 and includes the Jooki speaker, two Jooki tokens with pre-programmed playlists, and a charging cable. It is available for purchase at, where parents can also purchase additional tokens and figurines.

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