Unearth a dinosaur from the BioSyn gel, then display your dino! | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

Slime, dinosaurs, educational value – some toys really do just have it all. 

The Jurassic World Mr. DNA’s Dino Dig kits from ToyMonster are packed full of fun for kids ages 6 and up, and all for an affordable price that parents and gift-givers will appreciate. 

Kids can take on the role of a BioSyn lab engineer and dig through lots of slimy gel to discover a dinosaur skeleton. Once kids fully dig out their dino, they can proudly display the product of their excavation using the included display stand. 

While each kit comes with a scalpel to help kids on their journey, it’s more likely that little ones will have their hands full of the gooey, slimy gel in no time. Parents will want to clear a nice play space at a table with some parchment paper or something similar. While some dig kits out there require hours of chiseling and make a huge mess, the slimy gel keeps things simple and a little bit neater and speeds up the process to avoid frustrated kids. 

The regular-size version of Mr. DNA’s Dino Dig also includes mystery figurines inspired by the Jurassic World films. | Source: ToyMonster

The Jurassic World films and the toys they’ve inspired are all about sci-fi and dinosaurs, but there are some STEM concepts built in, too. With Mr. DNA’s Dino Dig kits, kids will get excited about the excavation process, potentially sparking an interest in paleontology, archaeology, and biology. They will also learn a few dino facts along the way, and they can analyze the skeletons of different dinosaurs. The kids come in multiple species, including Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T. rex. 

The kits are available in two sizes: mini ($14.99) and regular ($19.99). The regular kits include mystery props from the movie that kids can discover, such as a toilet or goat figurine. The skeleton inside the regular kit is also a bit larger and it includes a bit more slimy gel. 

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Jurassic World Mr. DNA’s Dino Dig kits offer kids a simple play experience at an affordable price. Kids will love the variety of dinosaurs they have to choose from, and parents will love that they don’t break the bank. While the dig experience itself is easy and fast, kids will love the dinosaur skeleton they are left with to play with and display. These dinosaur toys can keep kids entertained, bring some of the excitement of the Jurassic World films to the real world, and maybe even inspire the next generation of paleontologists.

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