Fold ‘n Roll Tuk Tuk Plush | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Whether they’re looking for pieces of a dragon gem or heading off for a day of play, kids can always use a loyal companion — just like Raya in Disney’s new movie Raya and the Last Dragon.

Just Play released a line of plush toys inspired by characters from the movie for kids ages 3 and up, and they are packed with details and fun features.

The Fold ‘n Roll Tuk Tuk Plush is an 11-inch version of Raya’s trusty steed, albeit with a much softer shell than his on-screen counterpart! Just like in the movie, Tuk Tuk can be out on all fours or curled up into a ball. To curl this plush Tuk Tuk into a ball for 2-in-1 play, kids can pull forward a flap on Tuk Tuk’s shell, hiding the front of his body with additional shell-patterned fabric. To keep him in his rolled-up form, there are three velcro strips that are easy for kids to secure. Tuk Tuk is complete with details such as an embroidered face, textured fabric on his legs, and claws made of felt.

Source: Just Play

Next up are the Chattering Ongi’s Plush. This plush trio — named Dyan, Pan, and Uka — is ready for mischief and interactive play. Kids can connect all three of these monkey-like creatures, thanks to their magnetic hands (strong enough to hold all three monkeys as a chain). Each magnetic paw features a special symbol on the sides that are magnetic, making it easy for kids to know which ones can connect and which won’t.

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When kids connect the Ongis’ hands, they will hear the Ongis make noise! Two of the three plush Ongis are equipped with voice boxes, which produce different chattering Ongi sounds. Kids can elicit these noises by either connecting the paws or by squeezing a button in the tallest Ongi’s left paw. Different combinations of connected Ongis will produce different sounds, which is fun for kids to explore and discover. One feature that adults will appreciate? Both of the chattering Ongis do feature an off switch for times when adventures need to be quiet.

Raya and the Last Dragon Small Plush assortment | Source: Just Play

Finally, there is the Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Small Plush assortment. This line includes plush versions of six characters from Raya and the Last Dragon: Raya, Sisu (in her dragon form), Tuk Tuk, and all three Ongis. These plush characters range from about 7-13 inches long and feature a variety of textures and fabrics, such as felt hats on the Ongis, Sisu’s furry mane and reflective tail, and a tiny leather saddle on Tuk Tuk. The Raya plush even features a removable cape! These plush toys are also an ideal size for on-the-go play or for reenacting kids’ favorite scenes from the movie. Each Small Plush only costs $7.99, which makes them a great gifting option. In addition to the characters’ names, the tags even feature a space to fill in “to” and “from,” so gift-givers can add a personal touch.

All of these Raya and the Last Dragon plush are fun, cuddly, and a perfect addition to any Disney movie night!

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