The Turning Red BFF Collectible Figure Set, the Turning Red Small Plush Red Panda Mei, and the Turning Red Deluxe Meilin Doll | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Growing up is hard enough as it is, but imagine turning into a red panda any time you experience strong emotions! That’s what happens to Meilin Lee in Turning Red, a new movie premiering on Disney+ in March.

Turning Red is a coming-of-age story that follows a spunky Chinese Canadian girl who must learn how to navigate her school and home life in Toronto in the early 2000s — while turning into a red panda every now and then. Just Play is launching a line of toys based on the film featuring plush, dolls, collectibles, activity sets, and more. Here’s a sneak peek at the toys before they hit stores in March.

Turning Red Many Moods of Red Panda Mei Animated Feature Plush | Source: Just Play

The Disney and Pixar Turning Red Many Moods of Red Panda Mei Animated Feature Plush plays sounds and music inspired by the film. When kids squeeze the red panda’s belly, it will raise its arms and growl with excitement. Kids can also press Panda Mei’s hand to hear music and phrases like, “I’m calm!” The 12-inch plush panda will be available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $24.99.

Kids can role-play as the characters from the movie with the Turning Red Deluxe Meilin Doll, a 6-inch doll that features five points of articulation and comes with both a girl outfit and a fuzzy Red Panda Mei outfit (complete with a soft, sculpted mask). It is available at Target and Amazon for $19.99. The Turning Red Meilin Lee Doll is a 6-inch, articulated doll that comes with a removable red panda hoodie, leggings, and sneakers. Get it exclusively at Walmart for $12.92.

Turning Red Secret Journal | Source: Just Play

Kids can write out their own emotions in the Turning Red Secret Journal, which features a furry plush Red Panda Mei face on the cover, lots of pages ready for writing, a hidden compartment, stickers, and an invisible ink UV pen. Kids can jot down their secrets, then shine the UV light on the page to reveal the message. Get it at Amazon and Walmart for $19.99.

The Turning Red Deluxe Shrinky Dinks Shrink & Wear Jewelry Set includes more than 100 pieces that kids can use to do arts and crafts with. Kids can create pandemonium-filled jewelry based on the movie by coloring the Shrinky Dink shapes and (with the help of an adult) shrinking them in an oven or toaster oven. Then, they can add pieces to the charm bracelets, attach them to barrettes, or dangle them from earrings. This jewelry-making set will be available exclusively on Amazon for $14.99.

Turning Red Collectible Figures | Source: Just Play

Kids can collect all of their favorite characters with the Turning Red BFF Collectible Figure Set, a five-piece kit that includes Meilin Lee, Red Panda Mei, Abby Park, Miriam Mendelsohn, and Priya Mangal. The set will be available at Amazon and Target for $12.99. The characters are also available as 2.25-inch surprise figures inside blind bags with the Turning Red Collectible Figures. There are 10 figures to collect for $4.99 each at Target and Walmart.

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Other plush toys in the Turning Red collection include the 16-inch Turning Red Jumbo Plush Red Panda Mei (available on Amazon for $19.99), the 11-inch Turning Red — Red Pandai Mei Concert Plush (available exclusively at Walmart for $16.92), and the 8-inch Turning Red Small Plush Red Panda Mei (get it here for $8.92). Kids can also flip between different characters and emotions with the Turning Red Meilin Lee Reversible Plush Character Head, launching exclusively on Amazon for $14.99

Turning Red premieres exclusively on Disney+ on March 11.

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