Panic set in as I looked at the squares and shapes before me.

It was Educational Insights‘ Kanoodle Pyramid that I was about to attempt, and as someone neither math nor logic-minded, the thought of putting 2D and 3D geometric puzzles together was, if not frightening, then at least daunting. However, after just a minute or so of gathering the courage to read the directions, Kanoodle Pyramid proved to be a fun and easy introduction to this TikTok trend and the realm of geometric puzzles.

In a nutshell, Kanoodle Pyramid is a triangular puzzle field with colorful cubes as pieces. The goal is, given a starting position of a few key pieces, to find the one way to complete each puzzle. 

A puzzle booklet provides 200 puzzles to solve. | Source: Educational Insights.

The puzzle challenges provided begin at the easiest level. The game is designed for kids ages 7 and up, and the first few puzzles offer kids an unchallenging introduction to the basic logic of the game. Flipping through the provided puzzle booklet, the puzzles get progressively harder, until kids finally reach the 3D stage. 

The great thing about this compact game is that it is accessible to many skill levels. For a kid (or adults like me) who may find geometric, left-brain activities a nerve-wracking prospect, this game is useful in gradually building up those skillsets. For child prodigies and competitive solvers, skipping ahead to the harder puzzles and trying out timed TikTok challenges are good options. 

At $25, the price point lands this game around the average of others in the game aisle. But considering how much use one could get out of the game, if you start a kid out early, or if you use the game for whole-family competitions, the price more than covers itself. 

So, fear not. Whether you’re chasing TikTok fame or looking for a fun, screen-free way to boost a kids’ left-brain confidence, Kanoodle Pyramid offers just the right building blocks. 


This multiplayer, collaborative, brain-teaser game features a tabletop board and geometric pieces that fit together to solve 200 2D and 3D puzzles. Kids can enhance their strategic, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills as they play.

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