Kids Preferred, a toy company that focuses on making toys designed to aid development for babies and young kids, is making fan favorite characters into adorable baby toys!

The company is teaming up with Warner Bros. to create Harry Potter and DC Comics toys for the littlest fans, including plush, sensory toys, and more! 

Babies can fall in love with Harry Potter from an early age with this collection! | Source: Kids Preferred

The Harry Potter lineup features plush versions of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley; a sensory Golden Snitch plush that is filled with beans and makes crinkle sounds; teether blankies that soothe achy gums while babies watch Harry Potter for the first time; a Ron Weasley beanbag; and more! You can even prepare kids to embrace their future Hogwarts house with the Slytherin snake, Ravenclaw raven, Gryffindor lion, or Hufflepuff badger plush — no Sorting Hat required!

When babies and toddlers are still little, their parents are their main superheroes. Kids Preferred’s lineup of DC toys will give kids more heroes to look up to, even though parents will always be No. 1! The collection includes Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman plush blankies; a Batman vibrating clip-and-pull down activity toy; a Superman activity toy with multiple sensory activities; and more! The collection also includes My First Comic Book, a soft book that features flaps, and tactile ribbons alongside a story featuring Batman and The Joker!

These toys will be launching at mass market retailers throughout the rest of this year. With Kids Preferred’s lineup of Harry Potter and DC toys, kids can get soft, cuddly introductions to some of their new favorite characters!

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